I have shot a variety of events, skits, comedy sketches, fake commercials, interviews and more, all of which I was in charge of videography and camera handywork. From Canon 6D to HMC-150s to GoPros, I have a wide variety of skills needed to perform the duties of a videographer.


Pat Wyatt : Fofofum Interviews

Shot on Canon 6D, Panasonic HVX 200



SDCC 2011 : Bob’s Burgers – ETC Extra Coverage

Shot on Panasonic HVX 200



Realm @ The Grand Masquerade

Shot on Panasonic HVX 200



Machinima Realm : World of Warcraft Monopoly!

Shot on Panasonic HVX 200



E3 2012 – Commercial – 5K Hour Energy Drink

Shot on Canon 5D



Machinima Realm :  The GOML Gaming Bunny

Shot on Panasonic HVX 200