From World of Warcraft to Minecraft to SimCity, I utilize game assets in real time to create interesting stories and skits called “machinima.” I am the producer, writer, voice actor, editor and cinematographer for these one of a kind of animations.


Snickers World of Warcraft Spec Commercial

3D Animation of World of Warcraft comedy, Produced, Animated, Edited



Heroes of the Storm: Fake Developer Diaries

3D Animation: Heroes of the Storm parody shorts; Produced, Animated, Edited



Hearthstone: This Means War

3D Animation: World of Warcraft spec commercial for “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft,” Produced, Animated, Edited



That’s the World of Warcraft That You Play! V2

Parody of Weird Al Song “That’s Your Horoscope For Today!,” Produced, Animated, Edited, Singer



That’s the World of Warcraft That You Play!

Weird Al Song Parody w/ 16 million+ views, 3rd Place Winner Xfire Movie Contest 2007, Produced, Animated, Edited, Singer




Machinima Realm Program challenging viewers to submit videos, 1.3 million views, , Produced, Edited, Hosted



Azerothian Super Villains Series

7.5 million+ views Comedy Warcraft Series, Produced, Animated, Edited, Voice Acted



World of Warcraft COPS

1.1 million views for entire series, , Produced, Animated, Edited



That’s the World of Warcraft That I Used To Play!

Sequel to That’s the World of Warcraft That You Play! Song Parody, Produced, Animated, Edited, Singer



The Creeper Bowl 2

Minecraft skit making fun of the Super Bowl, Produced, Animated, Edited



Warcraft Babies Episode 1

Warcraft web series parodying “The Muppet Babies,” , Produced, Animated, Edited



Not Another Minecraft Skit

Pilot Comedy Series made with Machinima (company), Produced, Animated, Edited



Dogs of War

Multiplayer gaming series bringing in community members into custom arenas of many different games, Produced, Edited



Perception Inception Spoof Trailer

After Effects Work Effect Test with Live Footage from Inception (Warner Bros), Produced, Animated, Edited



Zeldo “HAX” Music Video

After Effects Work Effect Test with Machinima Footage, Produced, Animated, Edited