Here are various samples of my experience being a host, editor, director, producer and writer on many of the shorts you see below.


Patrick Wyatt Interview

Producer, Editor, Videographer for Interview series for Sleepy Giant Entertainment, 2014



Critical Flaw Live Action Comedy Series, 13 episodes Directed/Produced, Edited 1.6 million views



General Chat

Talk show addressing Machinima Realm w/ YouTube Celebrities, Produced, Edited, Co-host, 1.1 million views



How It Should Have Ended: Assassin’s Creed

Co-writer on animated cartoon, 3.4 million views



Arby ‘n’ LA

Director, Puppeteer, Voice Actor, Editor, Producer: 3.7 million views



Blue Light Bandits

Producer, Director for Chapman University Thesis Project, 2009

(shown at San Diego Film Festival, Action on Film)



Machinima Realm: Main Series

Videographer, Co-host, Channel producer: 1.2 million subscribers




Student Short Web Series, 13 episodes Directed, Edited, Co-Written



E3 2012: Parody Commercials

Commercial Segments for E3 2012 Machinima Coverage, Editor